Can I Afford to Mediate?

The question is: Can you afford NOT to mediate? Attorney's fees, litigation costs, expert fees, time delay and the physological impact of litigation on the parties and their businsses typically dwarf the cost of mediation. In a real sense, most parties can not afford not to mediate.

What Does Mediation Cost?

  • The basic hourly rate for mediation services is $350 per hour.
  • This fee is shared, typically in equal amounts, by the participants.
  • Session time is reserved by advance deposit.
  • We do not charge any administrative or case set-up fees.
  • Flat rate sessions and discounts are discussed on a case by case basis.
  • Preperation time and mediation time is billed by the hour.  Unused time is refunded from advanced deposits after mediation is complete. Additional time will be billed to the parties at the conclusion of the mediation.
  • Mr. Rausch does not typically charge for initial pre-session telephone calls with the parties or their attorneys. Pre-session discussions are encouraged and can help facilitate the scheduling of mediation and enhance the likelihood of achieving a successful voluntary resolution of the dispute at the mediation session.
  • Mediation can be conducted at several locations and we make arrangements that are best suited for the parties convenience.

Additional Parties

There is no increase in the hourly rate charge for multiple party cases.  However, in order to provide for adequate preparation, for cases involving 3-4 parties, an additional deposit for preparation time may be requested.

Session Length

Most successful Mediations require a full day.  Half day sessions are discouraged, but may be appropriate in some cases.  Half day sessions will be accepted on a case by case basis.