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The Court system in both California State and U.S. Distrcit Courts is slow moving, time consuming, arduous and expensive. It can take two years or longer from the start of a lawsuit to get to trial. An appeal after trial can take another two years before a Court of Appeal issues a decision. Even then, the case may not be over. Litigants can find themselves several years older and hundreds of thousands of dollars poorer with still no end to their legal controversy.

Mediation is one of several litigation alternatives designed to give parties a structured opportunity to avoid this cost and delay by exploring a facilitated settlement negotiation process that can lead to a collaborative and creative resolution that both parties find agreeable and accept voluntarily.

Unlike all other Court related legal proceedings, Mediation affords the parties their only opportunity to voluntarily participate in, effect and accept the outcome of their dispute.

A. Peter Rausch, Jr., is a trained mediator offering facilitative mediation in a wide variety of complex commercial, business and general civil disputes throughout Northern and Central California.

Mr. Rausch currently serves on the Mediation Panel with the San Joaquin County Superior Court and the Third District Court of Appeal.

We are based in Lodi, California (Central Valley) with offices also located in San Francisco and Santa Cruz County (Central Coast).